CFA – The Pathway To A Career In Finance

Finance has always been the key ingredient to the growth of a business. The rapid expansion of economies in the 21st century has opened a plethora of opportunities for finance professionals.

“Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)” is the designation which currently seems well placed to spiral up your career trajectory in the world of finance.

CFA designation is offered internationally by the American-based CFA institute.

CFA is one of the best cost-effective certifications which provides you a deep understanding of finance and most importantly has tremendous global recognition. CFA is one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession. The three letters place you well ahead of your peers in the finance industry.

CFA program covers a wide range of topics related to investment research, investment analysis, financial management, portfolio management, equities, derivatives, fixed income and provides a general overview of finance.

One of the best aspects of this program is you apply what you learn. the course content is designed as such that gives you an overview and flavour of real-world finance problems.

Preparation for CFA exams is quite demanding and is a rigorous process. this program is more practical oriented and you need good problem-solving skills to be up for this job.

CFA program has three levels.

•    Level 1 gives you the basics and tools required in your journey.

•    Upon successful completion of level 1, you enter level 2 where your knowledge base will be honed in complexities of equities, derivatives and fixed income.

•    With successful completion of level 3 and with relevant required work experience, you will be awarded your CFA charter.

A few reasons why you should consider CFA:

•    Bright job prospects: CFA charterholder are quite reputed and are finding good job opportunities with reputed employers such as up Morgan chase, wells Fargo, hub, ribs, e & y, Morgan Stanley to name a few.

•    Return on investment: the course does not cost you a bomb and is quite affordable. in fact, it provides you with one of the best roes when compared with other financial certifications. the entire course can be completed in between 3000$ and 5000$.

•    Global recognition: CFA program is internationally recognized and hence enhances your growth chances at a global level.

Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” rings bell in the 21st century as well. Hence, you need to constantly update your skill set be it in any profession and CFA is the one which seems to currently offer you with astoundingly good growth prospects in the finance industry.

If beating markets, catching bulls and bears, portfolio construction, chasing returns, moving money has always been your passion then be assured this program serves your purpose.

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